The Esplanade was created between 1825 and 1828, fancy and magnificent in an area that was previously part of the city wall. The late classic development followed in the years 1827 to 1830 according to plans of the later Town Planning Director of Hamburg, Carl Ludwig Wimmel. The houses were then occupied by, amongst others, the widow of the senator Heinrich Geffken, and later the doctor Dr. Sarason.

He built a Water Treatment and Healing Centre at the rear of building number 14 in the years 1897-1898, the architecture of which can be admired in our Art Niveau Salon.

In the 1870’s there were not only ordinary residents in numbers 15 and 16, but also an ophthalmic clinic, and at the turn of the century a bank. In the 1930’s an antique business had its place in the Esplanade, as too did the YMCA. Later came the evangelic academy of the North Elbian Church.
For more than ten years, now, the private hotel, Baseler Hof, has been running this ensemble of buildings.